C'est Moi Ca!
posted: August 18, 2006
The camera seems to compress the values, making them look denser and darker than they really are. ...
Sometimes, after I finish up a session of painting, I'll paint something separate with the leftover and drying paint on my palette. I usually limit myself to using only the colors that are there. Very often they're hi in chroma. And basically I let it rip. This is a quick, down-and-dirty self portrait which I thought worked. I was looking into a mirror, lit by the light above my easel, as well as the day light from a window behind me.
Linzie Hunter August 18, 2006
I love the spontaneity Peter, great energy and likeness to boot. After I finish a piece all I do is shut down photoshop... I'm envious.
Robert Saunders August 18, 2006
I like the highlights and cross lighting you jammed in there before worrying too much about definition and form. Makes it come alive somehow. Nice piece.
Linzie Hunter August 18, 2006
well maybe you've got a point! Though I go through a lot of cups of tea at my desk, and i'm often dunking my ponytail in there by accident. Not quite the same though, is it?
Mike Moran August 18, 2006
Peter, That looks so fun to do. I han't sniffed that smell of oil paints in years. Not that I miss it the smell. Great job...