posted: September 8, 2009
This is a recent job from Saveur Magazine. It was a pretty straight forward assignment, but it close to home . . . I live across the street from a meat packing plant. I put the lamb silhouette under a would be tree shadow so the silhouette wouldn't look to cut out. It ended up feeling a bit like Ferdinand the Bull, which helped me connect to the assignment.

Victor Juhasz September 8, 2009
Something Magritte-ish going on here. Very nice painting.
Nancy Stahl September 8, 2009
Just beautiful, Peter..! Placing the lamb out in a field with the protection of cool shadows from an unseen tree is brilliant. It has an old school primer feel. And I hope it turns at least one person into a vegetarian..!
Peter September 8, 2009
Ha . . . nancy . . . what's a primer? Thanks for commenting guys.
Zina September 8, 2009
So good! And it's almost got me converted, Nancy!
Cathleen Toelke September 8, 2009
Beautifully done image, Peter. What was the title of the article?
peter September 8, 2009
thanks guys. Cathleen . . . I don't think they have one yet. The illo is meant to display different cuts of meat. The AD is going to add dotted lines to the lamb silhouette to show where the cuts are located on the lamb. Its all very sad business when you start thinking about it. We went back and forth on deciding the right lamb silhouette. Many of them were just too cute. Some silhouettes made the illo look like a contemporary "pop" piece. Here's a funny tid bit about titles I mentioned the meat packing place across the street . . . their slogan, printed on there sign, is Pat LaFrieda says "eat my meat" . . . ha . . . only in ny.
Nancy Stahl September 8, 2009
Primers were what they called early grade school reading books. They were beautifully illustrated in the '30s. (I've seen them, not that I used one that old... mine were of the Dick and Jane vintage.)
Victor Juhasz September 8, 2009
I'll break Nancy's heart here but the steak cuts are so nicely done they actually made me want to go out and buy some lamb chops.
Leo Espinosa September 8, 2009
Hard to look at the steak with that amazing cloud back there. Really elegant solution, Peter.
Peter September 8, 2009
Thanks Leo . . . that means a lot to me . . . elegant solution. I'm going to use that as a blurb! Victor or little lamb ribs perfectly grilled, succulent and a bit tangy.
David Flaherty September 8, 2009
Had some lamb this weekend Peter, nice job!
Drew Friedman September 9, 2009
Really lovely piece. (and I'm a vegetarian!)
Alex Nabaum September 9, 2009
Smart extending that shadow. And you can't go wrong by channeling Ferdinand the Bull, I loved that book as a kid.
Peter September 10, 2009
Thanks for stopping in Alex and Drew and Big D.
dad September 24, 2009
This is brillant. I love looking at it.
Peter September 25, 2009
Hey there dad! Thanks for the comment