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posted: August 23, 2006
Photo by Mary Altaffer...
I thought these two photos held an interesting comparison. They're both lit in a similar way but one was "staged" and the other occurred "naturally". I thought they both looked like golden age illustrations in the narrative, composition, and mood. As if Dean Cornwall or Meade Schaeffer painted them. They kind of feel painterly too!?
Photo by Michal Daniel...
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Bob Staake August 23, 2006
you know, guys, we were all born WAY too late to be kicking ass and taking names in the golden age of illustration, but i think we need to give ourselves some serious credit here -- ESPECIALLY when we try to consider and fathom the image of dean cornwell or meade schaeffer trying to blog!!! hell, i can't even imagine norman rockwell having a CLUE how to operate an 8-track tape player! but i digress. nice post, peter!