posted: October 16, 2009
This beauty stands looking out over the Hudson, west to Hoboken. It's along the pedestrian path in Battery Park. Running past it each day, I've had a chance to contemplate its beauty and presence. There's something about it that stirs me. It's not often you see a piece of contemporary sculpture that works this well, is done so beautifully, and is so theatrical, a bit classical, male and nude. I've grown to absolutely love it. On the same path, I've also had the chance, recently, to view and contemplate the Statue of Liberty, daily. It has dawned on me that a sculpture (or statue) of that size, erected in such a significant way, in such a significant place, has never been attempted again. It's truly singular. Why?

How futuristic, how sci-fi, how incredible would it be if a sculpture like this one (above), stood, like the Statue of Liberty does, in our harbor or in that of an emerging global city or country? I'm not sure of this piece's meaning, but somehow I feel like it fits our culture's ideals and best intentions - as well as echoing da Vinci's Vitruvian Man. Would it be scary? Awe-inspiring? A la Ayn Rand?

Carl Tingley October 16, 2009
I'd like to see it erected too!
WAM October 17, 2009
"that's what she said" SO sorry, couldn't resist! Beautiful Sculpture.
peter October 17, 2009
Rob Dunlavey October 17, 2009
Peter, who's the sculptor? Michelangelo/Donatello meets Max Ernst…!
Peter October 17, 2009
Rob, Nice. They are certainly in there. I'm not sure. I will have to climb up to it and see if I can get a name.
Nancy Stahl October 18, 2009
How big is it? This gives me hope for public art. Every time I go to the LIRR at Penn Station, I have to look away from the bas relief at the end of the corridor by the IRT. It gets me so angry, but I have to look for a second. Like a train wreck.