posted: December 15, 2009
Last few pages from my sketchbook . . . one from the High Line, a self portrait thumb, one of these aviator guys i keep seeing around (just kinda flowed out while waiting for the train), and a subway trio. Some are painted on the spot, some later while watching tv. That's was something I used to do alot as a kid . . . Dukes of Hazard, Miami Vice, A Team. Good news is that all those programs are still on! Thanks for stopping by!

Hal Mayforth December 17, 2009
My hat's off to you Peter for getting out there with the watercolors. Beautiful loose work.
Donald Kilpatrick December 18, 2009
These are great! I especially love the self portrait at the top. What paper are you working on?
Peter December 18, 2009
Molskin water color book! Thanks Donitello Stay Mellow
Hilary Dunn-Einsohn December 24, 2009
The images from your sketchbook are wonderful. I think leaving the Bronx has renewed your energy. I also like the picture of you painting by the Housatonic (spelling?) It's very pre-20th century. The painter on the grand tour - easel, paints, and paper in hand.