posted: January 5, 2010
Firlst painting for a manuscript I'm working on. Without trying this guy ended up looking like me!

Scott Bakal January 5, 2010
What a great point-of-view in this painting, Peter. Very nice.
Nick Ramos January 5, 2010
Quite lovely... I also love the point-of-view!
Victor Juhasz January 5, 2010
Very nice image. Has a NC Wyeth feel to it. This guy not only appropriated your looks, he's got your watercolor set.
peter January 5, 2010
Ha Victor . . . that's true!!!! You picked that up . . . im so pleased!
Dave Fan January 5, 2010
Are your legs that toned, honey?
peter January 5, 2010
Ha! Your god damn right they are. You'd be surprised what sitting in this chair all day can do for toning your legs.
Drew Friedman January 5, 2010
Drew Friedman January 5, 2010
Zina January 5, 2010
I'll third Drew's Terrific!
Nancy Stahl January 5, 2010
Make that four. Something tells me that it won't be clear skies and smooth sailing all the way for this guy.
Peter January 5, 2010
Hey thanks Drew! Twice.
dad January 6, 2010
I'm #5. Great. I wish I knew what's caught his attention but I guess that's what the story is all about and you better close your paint box. I was looking at "Clifdwellers". It evokes the same feeling of heat as "Painting Before Hundreds" and you're watercolors look great I can tell you had a good time with them.
Peter January 6, 2010
Hi Dad. Cliff dwellers is a great one! I think its hanging in the met right now?! Thanks for coming by. Yes I did have a lot of fun painting the water colors. It's great having a little painting in your hands after only a few minutes. See you soon, ha?
Robert Saunders January 7, 2010
That looks like fun!
joan January 10, 2010
I like the feeel- looks like fun!