Last Night's Train Ride
posted: August 31, 2006
On my way to and from Drawgers first NYC summit at the Spiegel Beer Gardens at South Street I did a little sketchidy sketch on the train. Here's what came up. There are some more in my Subway Book gallery over there ---->.
Nancy Stahl August 31, 2006
Very nice. I thought of you on my way down there. A woman was seated across the way from me on the no.2 train. She probably had been drinking, because she kept falling asleep on strangers, but she was able to, once they moved away, sleep at a complete right angle to her hips, as if there was an invisible person there whose shoulder was propping her up. Never falling forward, but taking up two seats, only her head never quite hit the spare seat. She was very flexible. She even reached in her purse at one time and fell asleep mid-motion for a good ten minutes. Just the right amount of time for a sketch.
Nancy Stahl August 31, 2006
Yeah. I'd love to try the ASL sketch thing again. What time is "mid-day"? Anyone else want to go?
Donald Kilpatrick August 31, 2006
Beautiful! I especailly like the middle one. Can't wait for the book.. You gotta use the "Lil' Buffalo" one of these days!
Robert Saunders August 31, 2006
Peter, very interesting drawings. I'm impressed at your observational skills in "real time."