posted: February 10, 2010
I love how still, lifeless objects can take on a persona and play a human role. Sometimes, in Hopper's paintings, objects stand in for people; a barber pole, roof top chimneys, even some of his houses feel like sturdy New England gentlemen.
The other day I passed a simply exhausted newspaper box . . . its' door swung open off its' hinges and its' newspapers spilling out of its' mouth.
This little “R2 Unit”, the one with the white cap held on by a rubber band, is the star of my composition. It’s a jar of chicken fat that has been unsuccessfully smuggled into Canada.  His buddy, the dried sausage, was caught too.
Christian Slade February 10, 2010
I love the little characters scattered around a city and NYC has some of the best of them! The exhausted little newspaper box you mentioned is one of many interesting subjects that are busting at the seams with stories. They do make excellent studies and are definitely worth getting to know. Thanks for sharing and that's a nice gem of a painting you've got there buddy!
Peter February 11, 2010
SLADE! Studies . . . just the word carries all the excitement of drawing . . . observing, recording. . . studying. Which reminds me it would be great to sit down with you books and see what you've been studying. I can already see your drawings of pumps, bike racks, newspaperboxes, and meters. Did you catch my reference to R2D2. Hope to see you soon.
Victor Juhasz February 12, 2010
It's a great composition, Peter. And appealing choice of colors. Thumbs up.
Peter February 12, 2010
Thanks Hasz!!! see you tonight!