Subway Book
posted: July 7, 2010
Spent the fourth in Connecticut with my family. Recorded some of the goings on or not goings on in my book; my brother floating around in the pool, my car parked outside, a left foot and a right flip flop, my mother during a early morning coffee clutch, one of the many flower pots, ect. These paintings were done "on the spot". Some were done in just a moment, others were built more methodically. Both approaches, gestures of light color and feeling.

posted: December 15, 2009
Last few pages from my sketchbook . . . one from the High Line, a self portrait thumb, one of these aviator guys i keep seeing around (just kinda flowed out while waiting for the train), and a subway trio. Some are painted on the spot, some later while watching tv. That's was something I used to do alot as a kid . . . Dukes of Hazard, Miami Vice, A Team. Good news is that all those programs are still on! Thanks for stopping by!
posted: April 3, 2009
Earings, buttons, glasses, plaid and argyle, all fun to draw.
It's been sometime that I've been on a subway. Back in November I got rid of my sexy 92 Saab and bought a very reliable Outback. It's a great car. With that, I just couldn't bring myself to get on a subway. I've been driving around ever since. I hate subways! Within the past week or so, I've moved back into town. My new subway stop is the 1 at Christopher Street. And just yesterday I took a lovely little trip up to 96th street. It was good to see everyone again . . . looking grim as usual.
posted: January 14, 2009
I had a meeting at the Soceity of Illustrators last night and decided to drive in, instead of taking the bus and subway. I was late so I parked my car in the lot right next door. HOLY SHIT THAT PLACE IS EXPENSIVE! I paid over 40 bucks for less than two hours. Thank god I was able to find a spot on the street after 7pm. I stayed to draw so I could make a night out of it.
posted: December 11, 2008
Today, flipping through a sketchbook from the summer, I revisited this watercolor. Its a view from a sunbathing pier on the westside highway. Damn it was hot that day; dry and clear. Coming across it this morning, which is cold, grey, and wet, was a refreshing, warming reminder of the sun. I love this part of keeping a painting and drawing journal. The time spent observing this scene, painting, the sensory info that I collect while quietly working, sounds, smells, feelings, all come back to me in an instant. This composition is not only a record of my visual observation, but looking at it today, opens a time capsule holding information of who I was, where i was, not six months ago.
posted: June 13, 2008
It happens every year. New Yorkers wait till the fist heat wave of the summer to buy an air conditioner. Miserable and sweating, they're seen all over the city lugging around A/Cs. Just another indication that summer is really here and I should start making plans.
posted: May 15, 2008
On the 10 bus in Riverdale
The central figure in this sketchbook composition is a bus inspector. He rides along with the driver from time to time making sure all is well with the driver and route. Basically, it look to me as if he was just hanging out, shooting the breeze with his buddy, and gazing out the front window. He has such a good head I couldn't help but draw him. His uniform was simple so i searched for a few items that related to his job. Not much, but i decided to spend some time on the pens in his pocket and study out the keys hanging of his belt loop. By the way, that's his arm resting on the top of his head. During the ride I scoped out the other riders and indicated interesting moments of humanity and anatomy.
A bit closer
posted: May 14, 2008
A few quick poses of the greatest model on earth . . . Fred. He's and artist . . . how he poses is a performance . . . he's wonderful.
A spread from my sketchbook. This time, I broke from years of tradition and purchased a different kind of sketchbook. I'm seeing it as an indication of growth. Different color, different size, different paper and it has a pretentious little ribbon the ties the whole thing closed. I wasn't sure if I was ready for the change and I basically ignored it for a few weeks. But now I think I've found my joy with it. These little watercolor notes have been so satisfying. At times clumsy, but for sure mostly satisfying. Here is a few from my Monday night private class. Watercolor is such great painting practice! So quick.  I think a fresh look comes from clean clear color choices. More mixing and observing.
The little profile at the bottom is Selma. She's back from Florida and spending most of her time watching over her kids and there kids.
New Yorker Studies
posted: February 16, 2008
loved the structure in this guys head
A few more sketches for my Subway Book gallery . . . mostly portrait studies. The sketch of the girl with her school bag has a little sketch of a studio in Giverny, it think Monet's. It has a bank of north lit windows and the roof is frosted glass. Note to self. Build that studio one day.
posted: October 25, 2007
"This subways out of service!" We all flowed out on to the platform to wait for another train. I wandered through the crowd looking for something to hold my interest. I leaned on the staircase and sketched this trio a few times before we started talking about martial arts. Before I knew it the new train arrived and we all piled in agian